7 Types Of Game Of Thrones Fans In Kenya You Will Come Across

I love writing about movies and TV shows. I’ve done it lots of times before but here we go again. Game of Thrones is great. Why?

Because a show doesn’t pull in over 10 million viewers an episode, get renewed for several seasons and remain the most illegally downloaded piece of film production if it isn’t good. Game Of Thrones has an insanely passionate fan base drawn from all over the spectrum. Here in the 254, people are obsessed with it in different ways. So with that in mind, here’s a run-down of the many factions that make up the show’s loyalists:

1. The pretentious fan who’s only a fan because their friend/bae is one.

Hah! Gotcha! We know you have no idea what’s going on. Ati “Who’s that?”, “Where are they going?”, “Did he die?”. Too many questions. All you know is that there is a short guy in it. You don’t even know that he’s called Tyrion Lannister.


Image: Meme creator

2. The fans who’ve read all the books.

These ones could pass a literature exam on Game Of Thrones. They have read all the books way before the series even started. They’re very proud of the fact that they’ve ploughed their way through a small forest’s worth of pages and will want to make sure you know about it. They regularly find it necessary to chime in with statements like “In the book, it’s like this and that”, as if they have the author on speed dial. Commendable! But for the love of God, we get it. Just know that the rest of us haven’t read the books and we don’t plan on doing so. We are just fine with the show. Thank you very much.


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3. The fans that love the show for all the ‘nudity’.

Mafisi tibim!!! We see you. Let’s cut to the chase. There’s an awful lot of nudity in Game Of Thrones. Of course they don’t equal the ones in a show like Spartacus but they’re still worth the scrutiny. As a result, perverted fans have flocked to the show like moths to a flame.  This particular kind of fans appreciate the naughty scenes so much that they find it difficult to appreciate other aspects of the show. It’s okay though.


Image: meemgenerator

4. The ‘mafeelings’ fans.

You dare say a bad word against the show and this small subset of people might even throttle you to death. To this fan, there will never be an acceptable world in which anyone anywhere dislikes Game of thrones. Talk of being too attached.

game of thrones meme

Image: quick meme

5. The fan with all the spoilers.

Herein lies the most annoying kind of fan who is always the first one to download each episode through the office internet or the free wifi wherever they are, then go on to casually broadcast spoilers.

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6. The emotional fan who stopped watching after the death of his/her favorite character.

Then there’s this sorrowful lot that’s ailing from poor impulse. Seriously, the makers of Game Of Thrones should be labeled mass murderers. Haha. Throughout the seasons, they’ve killed more characters in the show than Boko Haram does in real life. I know it hurts but you’ve got to be strong! Get over it. Okay? Life is about being strong and moving on. Start watching it again. The rest of us don’t give a flying pig about who died. It’s all fiction anyway.

7. The fan who judges those who don’t watch Game Of Thrones.


Chill fam. Game of thrones is not a basic need. Someone’s lifestyle isn’t wrong because they don’t watch it. Don’t look at them as if they are the devil incarnate for not realizing the brilliance of the Lannisters.


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