Odebrecht Ghana Organises Free Breast Cancer Screening For Staff

Accra. 9th November, 2016 – As part of the global breast cancer awareness month, Odebrecht Ghana has organized a free Breast Cancer Education and Screening exercise for its employees (both male and female). They were taken through how to self-examine the breast for early detection of breast cancer. Dr. Rosemary Keatley, Managing Director of Medlab emphasized the importance of early detection and screened female staff for breast cancer or lumps in the breast.

Breast Cancer is the number two cause of death in Ghana and one of the leading causes of death globally. Vanessa Lobato in charge of Human Resource at Odebrecht Ghana noted: “For any female to die from breast cancer because it was not detected early enough for onward treatment will be a painful loss to anyone. Therefore Odebrecht Ghana invests in education and screening on Breast Cancer for its staff every year. Our staff’s health and well-being is paramount to us at all times.”

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She continued: “The Breast Cancer Screening and Education is one of the health interventions we make available and accessible to our staff regularly. We conducted a similar exercise dubbed ‘Pink October’ at our Eastern Corridor Road campsite in Yendi.”

Dr. Rosemary Keatley encouraged them to at least self-examine the breast monthly and that the more they do it the more they get better at the technique of examination. According to her, 20% of all cancers in Ghana is breast cancer with 1% occurring in men and that one in eight women gets breast cancer.

According to Esther Oppomaah, a female staff at Odebrecht Ghana; “The yearly examination of the breast conducted for us is something I will always be grateful for. This is because it is important to prevent breast cancer than treat it when contracted”. Other staff members who have either had a close encounter with Breast Cancer or lost relatives to it, were very grateful to the company for the exercise.

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Last year, Odebrecht conducted a similar exercise for its female staff and conducted a prostate cancer screening for its male staff in November.

Odebrecht has presence in 21 countries, including Ghana. The company has diversified business activities and a decentralized structure and does business in the fields of engineering and construction, industry, and in the development and operation of infrastructure and energy projects, creating integrated and innovative solutions that serve both its clients and communities where it operates.

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