Trump’s victory shows polls were fatally corrupted – Franklin Cudjoe

General News of Saturday, 12 November 2016



Franklin Cudjoe Imani Ghana Franklin Cudjoe President of policy think tank, IMANI Ghana

The Executive Director of IMANI Ghana says the Victory of Republican’s Donald Trump in the US has disproved all the polls which favored Democratic’s Hilary Clinton.

Franklin Cudjoe says the media backed by some individuals decided to bastardize Mr Trump and this resulted in the kind of negative reportage he received in the course of the campaign.

“I wasn’t surprised at his win [because] those polls were corruptly rigged,” he told Raymond Acquah, host of Joy FM’s Ghana Connect programme Friday.

The Wednesday victory of Mr Trump over his fierce contender Mrs Clinton has sent shockwaves throughout the world.

The announcement has sparked some riots and protests across the United States by supporters of Mrs Clinton who believe their candidate was given a wrong deal especially when all the major polls conducted had pointed to a massive win for her.

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The former First Lady was tipped to win the election by a bigger margin against Mr Trump who was seen as a lousy fellow because of his policies of stopping immigration and constructing a wall to separate Mexico and US.

Opinions polled by major research institutions in the country heavily predicted a 48-9 percent for Mrs Clinton and 41-2 for Mr Trump.

However, this was short-lived after the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) reopened a case in which the Democratic candidate was being investigated for tampering with classified documents.

FBI Director, James Comey wrote to the US Congress few days to the polls that his outfit’s position that the former First Lady should not be prosecuted stands.
At the end of the elections, out of 538 electoral votes, Mr Trump polled 279 votes while Mrs Clinton had 218 votes, topping the 270 votes needed for the said majority.

He lost the popular votes by 395,595 difference. He had 60,071,650 representing 47.4 as against Mrs Clinton’s 60,467,245 which represents 47.7 percent of the votes.

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“This is record-breaking,” the IMANI boss said in reaction to the performance of one of the most ‘despised’ presidential candidate throughout history.

Mr Cudjoe said the deliberate attempt to muzzle the election for the former First Lady has been exposed by the results.

“The doom hasn’t stopped,” he said, adding after the businessman was declared winner people are making vile predictions that he would be the worst President in the history of the US.

Even though he did not take part in voting in person, a Yale University student said he was not surprised by the outcome of the elections.

Tunde Akim said anyone with a perfect understanding of the US history would appreciate the reason the Republican nominee won.

He explained Mr Trump’s victory was necessitated by the state of the economy which many Americans feared might worsen under Clinton leadership.
“The US is such a world power and more people need to realize how our politics is conducted,” he said.

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Assisting Editor of Joy Business, George Wiafe, a Ghanaian Clintonite, read a story from Bloomberg which said the world financial market has had some setbacks due to the polls results.

“More than one Trillion was wiped off the value of bonds around the world this week as President-Elect Donald Trump’s policies are seen as…,” he said inconclusively when IMANI boss interjected.

Although Communication expert, Raymond Bayor, backed the position of Mr Cudjoe about the massage polls results, he said the backlashes the Republic nominee suffered in the hands of the establishment were because of his utterances.

“Perceptions of Trump are not contrived,” he said, “but they are based on what he had said throughout the campaign.”

Nonetheless, he said anyone who understands what happens in America should not be shocked with the elections outcome.

“I think that the writings were on the wall.”