10 Female Nigerian Chefs Worth Following On Instagram

Imagine your school teacher asking you what you’re aspiring to be when you grow up and your response; a chef! Get ready to receive the beating of life from your parents.

Fortunately, civilisation’s wave has washed through our shores and being a chef is one helluva profession. Our beautiful Nigerian ladies have proven that being a chef doesn’t necessarily mean travelling over land and sea to be a pro.

They started in their mother’s kitchen. Here are 10 female chefs in Naija taking the food game to another level.

1. Foodace

Image Source: Foodace

Image: Foodace

2. Foodland Fairy

Image Source: Foodland Fairy

Image: Foodland Fairy

3. Chef Jess

Chef Jess

Image: Chef Jess

4. Phummyndeps

Image Source: Phummyndeps/Instagram

Image: Phummyndeps/Instagram

5. Cooking With Maur

Image Source: Cooking with Maur/Instagram

Image: Cooking with Maur/Instagram

6. August Secrets Toyin

Image Source: August Secrets Toyin/Instagram

Image: August Secrets Toyin/Instagram

7. Cuisine Fantastique

Image Source: Cuisine Fantastique

Image: Cuisine Fantastique

8. Playm8z

Image Source: Playm8z

Image: Playm8z

9. Chycrispy

Image Source: ChyCrisphy/Instagram

Image: ChyCrisphy/Instagram

10. Pearl Okeke

Image Source: Pearl Okeke/Instagram

Image: Pearl Okeke/Instagram

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