19 Majestic Mythical Creatures Ghanaians Strongly Believe In

When you come to Ghana, there are various mythical beings we believe in depending on the tribe one comes from.

Here are 19 of such mythical beings most Ghanaians strongly believe in.

1. Adze

Adze is like the vampire of the Ewe people, but with theirs, it starts off like a firefly and turns into a human being. When you try catching it, it sucks your blood. Victims of it’s bite are believed to turn into witches.

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2. Anyiri Gbuna

Among the Dagomba people, an “Anyiri Gbuna” is a beast with a wide mouth and sharp teeth that bites off the butts of its victims, hence the name, “Anyiri Gbuna” which means, “buttocks biter”.

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3. Rolling Drum

Among the Ewe people, there is a spirit believed to be a god that sounds like a drum rolling down a hill in the night and any man who sees it, the person will die.

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4. The Tall Man

Many tribes in Ghana believe in a strange man purported to be a spirit that appears short from a distance and tall when it gets close. It keeps growing tall till you can see its head in the skies. Many claim to have seen it but nothing bad has happened to any of them yet. Maybe it’s an illusion, maybe not.

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5. Anansi

Anansi is actually a folklore of the Akan people and the character Anansi is believed to be a god of trickery. The story of Anansi has been told over and over till some kids actually believed in it.


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6. Mmoatia

In the Akan tradition, “Mmoatia” are mischievous and trickery beings. They are considered the traditional gatekeepers of the traditional Akan religion. They are excellent herbalists and other deities often work with them on special cases.


7. Nyankopon

Nyankopon is the almighty according to the Akan traditional belief. He’s a mythical being believed to have created the heavens and the earth.

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8. Asaase Yaa

Asaase Yaa is the god of the earth. It is believed to be the mother that feeds every being on earth because it is from her belly that we all feed (plants and crops).

9. Abosom

These are the deities most traditions in Ghana believe in, popularly known as “Abosom” and there are many of them, every tribe and the “bosom” they believe in.

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10. Nana Obo Kwesi

Nana Obo Kwesi is a “bosom” of the people of the central region and they strongly believe in it. It is believed to be a war deity. He also assists those seeking financial freedom and abhors evil doers.


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11. Nana Asuo Botopre

Nana Asuo Botopre is a mythical being that the Ashantis strongly believe in. He’s an ancient deity and believed to be a healer and protector.


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12. Nana Kumi

Nana Kumi is an ancient war deity among the people of Aburi-Nsaba. He’s believed to give strength and fortitude.

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13. Nana Densua Yao

Nana Densua Yao is a river deity among the Akuapim people of the Eastern region. He’s believed to love and protect children.

14. The Nsamanfoo

The Nsamanfoo are basically the ghosts of our ancestors who are believed to still dwell among us and so we pour libations unto them all the time.

15. Cigarette Man

This was a mythical being that most parents use to scare their children whenever they are being stubborn. There is even a song for the cigarette man and this is usually for children who love to stay out late, it goes like this;

“…me maame eeii bue me, me papa eeii bue me, na cigarette be kyi me” then there is a response that goes like, “onkyi wo ooo, Dora….”

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16. Maame Water

Maame water is the Ghanaian version of a mermaid. We believe there is a spirit in the sea with half human body and half fish and it’s a very beautiful woman.


17. Sasabonsam

This is our version of the devil.

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18. River gods

The average Ghanaian believes every river has its own god and some tribes actually worship these gods. Many are those who claim to have seen the river god/goddess, with some in the shape of a human being with one eye just like a cyclop.

19. Kabiwe

In some tribes, they believe there is a spirit that roams in the night called, “Kabiwe” and if you’re the type who likes coming home very late in the night, you’re likely to meet it. It is more like the gingerbread man and when you meet it, it will say, “Kabiwe!! wo we a wo be wu, w’anwi nso a, wo be wu” to wit “Take a bite!! whether you take or not, you will die”


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