12 Rules Of Visiting A New Mom

So, your friend just had a baby and you’re planning on visiting the newest member of the mom club?

You may probably not know, but there are some rules of visiting a new mom. No, we are not kidding.

Read on:

1. Wait to be invited

We Africans especially, when we hear our friend has a baby, just get up and go, not forgetting to take with us the ululations…Nah. New moms are tired and they need that mother-child bonding especially in the very early days. Do not go when it’s convenient for you! Call prior to and find out when you can visit.

ghanaian mom mother

2. Do not visit when sick

Please. If you have a cold, a skin rash or whatever other forms of ailment there is out there, wait till you’re feeling better. Newborns have a weak immune system and are therefore vulnerable to diseases.

Image: BlackDoctor.Com

Image: BlackDoctor.Com

3. Leave your kids behind

If you plan on visiting a new mom with your three kids, it’s best to call the new mom before and ask her if it’s fine. The last thing a new mom needs is a bunch of kids running around the house, messing everything up and making noise.


4. Bring food

Surely, you can’t go to visit a new mom and expect a feast party! More so from a mom who doesn’t have a nanny yet. Assume the role of the host, ask to help around the house and bring food so that you can all eat and save the new mom the hustle of going to the kitchen to cook for you and other guests.



5. Wash your hands

That’s the first thing you should do the minute you arrive. No mother wants germs near her newborn.

Caucasian woman washing her hands

Image: New Health Advisor

6. Wait to be offered the baby

New moms have very strong maternal instincts and come off as very protective. The last thing they want is to see their baby being passed around from one guest to another and being kissed and touched and all…as much as your purpose of visiting was to see the baby, wait for the mother to offer you the baby, or at least ask in a kind way.

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7. Don’t hog the baby

If you’re offered the baby, do not stay for hours with the baby. That’s baby hogging. Give the baby back to the mother after a few minutes.

Image: soups2nutsmedia

Image: soups2nutsmedia

8. Do not offer unsolicited advice

If the new mom hasn’t asked for any advice from you, please keep your parenting tips to yourself. Don’t start saying how the baby needs an extra blanket or how the mom should hold the baby. No! This is a new mom…don’t make her feel like she’s doing a bad job already for pete’s sake.

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9. Commenting on the baby’s name

Even if you think the baby’s name is as outrageous as North West, do not mention it. Seriously, it’s not the time and place.

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10. Talk about something else other than the baby

Ask the new mom how she’s coping, heck, talk about Beyonce…anything else other than the baby. Don’t spend the whole time talking about the new-born. Entertain the mom a little bit.

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love kenyan tea

11. Know when to leave

Don’t be the kind of guests who visit at 1.00pm and by 7.00pm they still haven’t left. Take hints and know when to leave. The new mom and baby need as much rest as they can get.

Photo: Poka Arts

Photo: Poka Arts

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