This Nigerian Mother’s Reaction To Her Son Getting A Tattoo Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

It’s not even news that Nigerian mums can be so extra at times.

#SaltBae Sprinkling Salt

Image: Twitter

They do it sometimes and you’re just there like “why so extra mum”.

Image: YouTube

But you know you cannot say it out else you’ll dance to whatever music you see next.

Image: Naij

Anyway, everyone has at one time or the other seen this meme:

It’s safe to call it our official “Kuku kill me” meme because this is every Nigerian mother when she wants to say it or something like that.

But not everyone knows where it comes from.

Well, this YouTube user, Deji, who is one of our faves tried a quick one on his mum. So he got a fake tattoo and filmed his mum’s reaction to it and it birthed our favourite meme ever

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