8 Amazing Ways African Parents Are Just Like Donald Trump But Will Never Admit

African parents can be just like Donald Trump.

We know they will never admit but here is proof:

1. African parents can grab you anywhere when they’re angry.

trump funny gif

2. Going to a friend’s house to study is always a hoax.

Just like global warming according to president Trump.


3. Banning all your ‘bad’ friends from coming to the house.

According to them, they are a threat to your moral security.

4. Extremely overusing the only technology they know how to.

Just like a certain president and his Twitter.

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5. African parents never forget your only mistake ever.

Just like Trump and Clinton’s emails.

6. They never want to change their old phones for recent upgrades.

Just like Donald.

7. Blaming the media … mostly for television programmes destroying the current generation

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8. African parents can create their own stuff and make you believe it is the norm.

Just like BIGLY!


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