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Afia Schwarzenegger Finally Discloses Why She and Mzbel Are No Longer Friends

Friendship has indeed gone bad. Afia Schwar and Mzbel were extremely close friends; they used to attend events together, got each other’s back to the maximum- when Mzbel was in trouble, you would see Afia coming out to back here in a way and vice -versa and all of a sudden, they were no longer seen together, and yes, they no longer displayed that public affection for each other and more.

Well, several months down the lane, Afia Schwar has finally disclosed what marred their once lovely and envied friendship.

Afia Schwar in a live Facebook video as observed disclosed that their friendship went bad when she asked Mzbel to stop fighting with a certain lunatic lady on social media and as well stop exchanging nu-des with people.

“Mzbel is a grown woman who’s refusing to grow and learn. One thing I told Mzbel was to stop fighting with one lunatic girl on Instagram and as well stop exchanging nu-de photos and she got offended”.

Afia Schwar, right there disclosing what led to the break-up in friendship between songstress Mzbel and her.

She also continued,

“I’ve forgiven her but she and I will no longer be friends for life”.

But relax, can you guess the certain lunatic on Instagram Afia Schwar was referring to that she asked Mzbel to stop fighting with?