11 Ghanaians Not Too Pleased With Otiko Djaba’s Approval

This is Otiko Djaba

otiko djaba

She has finally been confirmed Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection after parliament voted with the minority staging a walkout.

Her confirmation has many Ghanaians talking and these people on twitter clearly are not in support of her approval. Read more…

1. This man who thinks two wrongs do not make a right

2. They sounded a warning to her

3. This man thinks some things need to be clarified

4. This dude actually thinks the military best suits her than taking care of children

5. Hard punches being thrown

6. This man sees all the hullabaloo on a different level

7. Obviously…

8. Yoo!!! Y’ati

9. Some are really pissed about it.

10. Candid opinion.

11. Okay!!! Point well taken

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