17 Gifts You Shouldn’t Get For Your Partner This Valentine

It is almost valentine again and ladies will be expecting gifts from their guys.

Getting the right gift is always a headache for people in relationships cos you know, we have to impress. Anyway, we can’t tell you what to buy for bae but we can guide you on what NOT to buy to make your decision easier.

Here are 17 gifts you should never buy for your partner on valentine’s day.

1. Washing Machine

You don’t want her thinking you take her for a laundry woman, do you? She could also take it as a sign of you telling her she doesn’t do a good job at washing and needs a machine to help her. Just because she talks about it doesn’t mean she needs it as a gift, most especially on valentine’s day.

2. Rice Cooker

She loves rice and you want to make it simple for her so you get her a rice cooker, you must be crazy, she’ll hate you forever. This is a day of love and she expects something more romantic not something that tells her to go to the kitchen.

rice cooker

Photo: Amazon

3. Vacuum Cleaner

How will you feel carrying this to her house? Really, a vacuum cleaner on valentine’s day, do you drink kerosene for breakfast, what is romantic about a vacuum cleaner?

vacuum cleaner

Photo: Amazon

4. Cutlery

Like seriously? Don’t even try it.


Photo: TableKing

5. Dining Set

And same goes for this too. No matter how expensive it is, don’t go there on this special day.

dinning set

Photo: Alibaba

6. Mouth Wash

That’s you trying to tell him or her, their mouth stinks although that might not be your intention.

idris-elba gif

Image: Giphy

7. Kitchen set

Is she your cook?

Image- Giphy

8. Flower

Don’t assume because it works in the movies, it will work for you, definitely not a Ghanaian girl. E bi flowers we go chop?

9. Cutlass

Getting your man a cutlass is insulting and it is clear you’re trying to tell him, he should do something about the environment, especially if it is weedy.

Shade GIF

Image: Giphy

10. Boxers and Singlets

It is about time some of you ladies stopped doing this, always buying boxers and singlet on Valentine’s day for boo, we’ve gone past that.

Tears of joy

11. Hardware tools

Anything from a hammer to a chainsaw is inappropriate, don’t even think about it.


12. Shaving Machine

Oh! okay, so you’re the right person to let him know he has to check on his hygiene right? We see.

adjust glasses

Image: giffy

13. Trashy Lingerie

Getting bae a lingerie is sexy, but be careful the lingerie you’re buying because you might end up buying a trashy one for her. Especially when you over think about sexy and get her one with fluffy flowers or cut outs on the crotch.


14. A Rubber Purse

If you don’t know how to buy a purse, don’t even go on that line because women are very concerned about quality.


15. Toy Flowers And Teddy Bears

Leave that for the JHS and SHS boys and girls. You grow pass that.

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