This American Lady Is Coming To Nigeria To Become An Ifa Priestess

Ifa is a system of divination practised by the Yorubas.

The practice of Ifa reportedly dates back to as far as eight thousand years ago. During slavery, a lot of Yoruba people were taking to different countries, and as such the Yoruba culture and tradition travelled far and wide. It is still practised in places like Cuba and Brazil and some people living in these countries worship and revere Yoruba deities such as Osun, Sango and Yemoja.

Osun Orisha illustrated

Image: Hugo Canato

Siana is a young black American lady who is learning to become an Ifa Priestess. According to Nerve Africa, Siana has learned a lot about the religion from Ifa Priestesses in Brazil and is ready to come on Pilgrimage to Nigeria in what she describes as one meant to “find the soul of my roots”.

Siana has traced her roots back to the Yoruba tribe, and although she was born into a Christian family, In her talk with Nerve Africa, she said:

The whole idea of people going to hell and the division between followers of Christ and the rest of the world caused me to become an atheist,” Siana explains to The Nerve Africa. “After growing up and learning more about physics and science, I became agnostic, having the belief that there’s something greater but I wasn’t quite sure what that “Greater” thing was.

To make this dream come true, she started a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $7,000 to fund her trip to Nigeria and her dream of becoming an Ifa priestess.  She also plans to share her experiences on her Instagram account and document her pilgrimage visually. She has hopes of her show ‘Living the alchemist’ being aired on different TV networks. You can read her full story here.

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