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Car ‘theft’ Claim: Retract, Apologise or I Sue – Adams to Boahen

Nana Obiri Boahen

National Organiser of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Kofi Adams, has, through his lawyer Samson Lardy Anyenini of A-Partners@Law, written to the Deputy General Secretary of the governing party, Nana Obiri Boahen, to retract and apologise for “defamatory” comments he made about him in connection with some cars found in his (Mr Adams’) residence recently by security officials.

“We hold the instructions of Mr Kofi Adams … to demand you immediately retract and apologise unconditionally for your defamatory comments widely publicised online and in the Daily Guide newspaper publication of Friday, 2 February 2017,” the letter said in relation to Mr Boahen’s claim that the five cars found in the home of the NDC’s 2016 Campaign Coordinator were not only “stolen from government,” but also had their chassis numbers changed and subsequently sold to him.

On 1 February, 15 armed men dressed in military fatigues, suspected to be soldiers, stormed the private residence of Mr Adams, and seized all his vehicles. They undertook the operation in the company of four alleged National Security officers and personnel from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).

According to Mr Adams, who was out of the country at the time, the soldiers ransacked his Tema Golf City home on Wednesday afternoon and seized three Pick-Ups – two belonging to his brother – as well as two Land Cruisers.

The cars, according to the soldiers, were suspected to belong to the state and were taken to the Flagstaff House. They were subsequently returned to Mr Adams following an intervention from National Security Minister Albert Kan-Dapaah, who also apologised to Mr Adams for the unsanctioned action.

On the day of the incident, however, Mr Boahen told Asempa FM’s Eko sii Sen political talk show that the chassis number of one of the two V8 Land Cruisers with registration number GM 843-15 V8 was altered before it was given to Mr Adams.

“I’m telling you authoritatively that Kofi Adams’ car is a government of Ghana vehicle. It was stolen and sold,” Mr Boahen said.

Mr Adams’ lawyers say Mr Boahen’s allegations against their client has lowered his reputation and sullied his image thus his demand for a retraction and apology.

“The allegations of criminal conduct with regard to vehicles which certain persons apparently acting on the instructions of state officials wrongfully and unlawfully removed from the Golf City Tema Residence of our client have drawn and continue to draw the intended public scorn and reputational damage you clearly to sought to achieve.”

“Our client wishes, for the avoidance of doubt to stress unequivocally that your allegations of criminal conduct against him are completely false and tha teach of the vehicles in question has the requisite documentation including of transfer from their vendors duly processed by the DVLA which registered them in accordance with law.

“The retraction and unconditional apology must contain an undertaken never to repeat said false claims and same must be given same prominence as the complained publication on especially Eko Sii Sen on Aempa FM and in the Daily Guide newspaper, within 7 days from the date first above.

“We have instructions to, without further notice and upon your failure, neglect or refusal, to fully satisfy our client’s demands herein, take out a suit and hold you liable for your said defamatory comments. Be advised accordingly,” the letter said.