The Financial Times Just Threw Jabs At President Buhari

And we’re not even sure of when he’s coming back now.

The whole world has been paying attention to Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria and  David Pilling, the African editor of the Financial Times recently penned an article on our septuagenarian president titled “Nigeria’s president is missing in action”

After reading the entire article, we were like:

oprah-surprise gif

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Because the level of shade in that article is on a different level.

Like that time when Mr Pilling said “Dead or alive, it is not always easy to tell the difference.


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Or is it when they called Daddy Bubu’s administration a slow-blinking leadership.

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Or do we talk about this one where the author said “Mr Buhari may not be as ill as the rumours suggest. Politically, though, rigour mortis set in quite some time ago.”

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Or when they said, “Mr Buhari has failed to articulate anything approaching a vision.”

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Or even the jab before that they threw at the members of his cabinet when he called them “a tiny cabal of loyal, less qualified, stalwarts”.

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Nah, you guys have to read the full article here for real.

Speaking of President Buhari, here are a few countries he’s traveled to since his inauguration. 

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