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Amanda Jissih Lambastes All Those Sharing Pictures of Coded Of 4×4 On His Sick Bed

Radio and TV presenter Amanda Jissih is boiling on social after coming across pictures of hiplife musician Coded of 4×4 on his sick bed trending. Family, friends and fans of the musician after hearing of his accident took to social media platforms to wish him speedy recovery using pictures of him on sick the bed and that of his accident car. Mandy J who believes the act of sharing pictures of the musician on the sick bed after his accident is wrong questioned why these people would do that. She expressed sharp disapproval of the act and asked the public to desist from such behavior because it is not the best. “So, cant we wish Coded well without uploading pics of him on the hospital bed? Brother is in mad pain and all u care about is taking pics? Come on mehn. Not happy with that at all. Smh” angry Amanda Jissih wrote on Facebook.

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Captain Planet of 4×4 announced on instagram early hours of Thursday that his friend, Coded has had an accident. He failed to give details of the sad incident but he added that he is in good condition.


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