Nigerian Artist, Ayoola Nihinola Has Created Brilliant Illustrations Of Nollywood Legends

Ayoola Nihinola is a Nigerian artist and Illustrator.

He has created a book filled with illustrations of various Nigerian entertainers.

The book features notable names in the Nigerian entertainment industry such as the late Bukky Ajayi and Sam Loco Efe. The illustrations are vibrant and pay homage to the actors who worked hard to get Nollywood to where it is today. Check out some of his cool images.

1. Sola Sobowale

2. Patience Ozokwor

3. Bukky Ajayi


Image- Ayoola Nihinoluwa

 4. Sam Loco Efe


You can check out more of his work here, and download the free ebook filled with illustrations here.

Brilliant! You might also want to see this beautiful exhibition featuring portraits of Nollywood actors.

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