8 Fun Activities You And Bae Can Do On Valentine’s Day Without Spending A Kobo

Yay Valentine’s Day is drawing closer every day!

On Valentine’s Day, a lot of people spend time at special places with their lovers and do fancy things like going to dinner. Nigeria is currently in recession, and times are really hard, so we decided to come up with fun Valentine day activities for you and your lover. The best part? You don’t need to spend a kobo.

1. Take a Love stroll

Life and work really gets in the way most days, you might not really have enough time to have meaningful deep conversations. Why not take a ‘love stroll’ with your lover on Valentine’s Day? Find a quiet street, have deep conversations, talk about your love and plans for the future, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company.



2. Cook together

Get the ingredients for your favourite meal or a recipe you’ve been meaning to try out, cook together, and enjoy the results.

couple cooking

Photo: Ray Styles/Pencilled Celebrities

3. Play Board Games

Bring out your competitive sides, make a sexy bet, and play a game of chess or scrabble.

Black couple in bed

Image: HowAfrica

4. Go through your old pictures

Pictures are great for reliving memories. Going through old pictures together will definitely be fun!

Couple eating

Image: Huffingtonpost

5. Watch an old movie together

Bring out your laptop, get some snacks, cuddle, and watch a movie, you both love.

Black couple movie

Image: HelloBeautiful

6. Dance!

Make a playlist of songs you both would like to and have fun dancing around the house.

Couple dancing

Image: Courtesy

7. Have a question session

Write down the most random questions that you can think of and have a question session. You’d be surprised at the answers, plus it gives you the chance to learn something new about your partner.

illustrated couple

Image: Phresh_Awt

8. Take turns massaging each other

Get some fancy oils, turn off the lights, and you can take turns massaging each other *wink*

Couple in bed

Image: Voidandspaces

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