This Is What Mbusii Discussed With President Uhuru When The Two Met At State House

Radio Jambo presenter Mbusii met President Uhuru Kenyatta tow days ago but we all didn’t know what the meeting was truly about.

The radio station has now released an audio to shed some more light on the discussions that took place. Mbusii went to State House to join other Kenyan celebrities who were tasked with imploring the Kenyan youth to register as voters.

In the one on one meeting, Mbusii touched on the issue of corruption. He said it was the main reason Kenyan youth had refrained from registering as voters.

“Ma yout man, wako hivi hivi, wanalalamika ndio saazingine unapata wengi hawaendi kuchukua kura ju wanalia serikali ni corrupt, wengine wanalia hawana kazi…(The youths are just in the hood, they are complaining about corruption while others are unemployed),”Mbusii told Uhuru.

mbusii uhuru 2

Image: The Star

The president retaliated by saying that the youth can only change bad leadership by registering as voters and ousting bad leaders.

Wastahili wajue, usipo chagua, heh…, huna haki ya kulalamika. Kwasababu, usipo yule ambao hutaki ndiye ataingia.”(They need to know that if they don’t vote, the leaders they don’t want will get elected), Uhuru told was quoted by Radio Jambo.

Listen to the full conversation in the video below:

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