10 Outrageous Vibes And Comments You Get From Girls Who Love You But Won’t Tell You

One of the most difficult things every man faces in life is dealing with that one girl who claims not to love him, wants them to be just friends but later falls for him.

Instead of making her feelings known to him, she’ll rather frustrate his relations with other females. See the signs below.

1. Every Woman Is Not Good For You

So long as she’s around, every woman you try to date is not good for you and she will give you all the rundown of how evil the woman is and the common phrase she will always use is, “I’m a woman, I know these things”.

2. They Preach About Immorality To You All The Time

She’s always preaching to you about how having sex before marriage is wrong and always quoting the Bible to prevent you from travelling that road with another woman.

3. She Describes Her Ideal Mrs. Right For You And It’s Virtually Her.

When you ask which girl best fits you, she carefully describes the kind of girl you should go in for and when you sit and analyse what she said, you can tell it’s a clear description of herself.

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4. She Controls Your Life.

She takes full control of your life by telling you what to do and what not to do. She even sometimes will tell you you can’t do something because she doesn’t like it.

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5. She’s Always On Your Facebook Wall Looking For “Suspicious” Activities.

She’s always on your Facebook wall and when a lady makes some nice comments about you, she will quickly rush into your inbox asking questions about her, how you know her, what’s going on between you two, if you like her etc. She’ll make it look like a joke but will later ask you to be careful about the girl.

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6. She Behaves Like Your Mother.

She comes to visit and if you have something in the wrong place, she gets mad and behaves as if she gave birth to you.

7. Speaking To Other Women Is Disrespectful To Her.

When you’re with her, it is disrespectful to speak to other girls and if you try, she flares up.

8. Not Calling Them At The Right Time Breeds War.

If you promise to call her the next day and you fail to call, she gets unreasonably angry and you can’t even fathom why it should be so.


9. Forgetting An Occasion In Her Life Means No Peace.

Although she’s not your girlfriend, you dare not forget any special day in her life.

10. She Follows You Everywhere, No Breathing Space.

If you have anywhere to go, you have to invite her if not, you’re in trouble. She always wants to tag along but she claims she just wants you to be friends and always ruining your chances of dating other women.

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