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‘May God Forgive Whoever Started This Rumour’ – Nana Ama McBrown Denies Reports Of Her Death

Actress Nana Ama McBrown has unequivocally denied reports floating around of her death, expressing shock and bewilderment that anyone would be so callous as to start such a rumour.

Social media was agog with news a few days ago claiming the amiable actress was dead, emanating from a website with dubious standing.

The recently married McBrown responded to the rumours on Friday, telling PeaceFmonline that she was alive and well.

“It is not true!” she said of the news. “How would I be speaking to you If I was dead? I can’t understand why someone can actually write a story that a fellow human being is dead when they know that the story they putting out is not true. Why would somebody want me dead?” she wondered.

“I want let my fans to know that nothing has happened to me and I am alive by the grace of God”. she added.

McBrown also took to social media to deny the rumours, where she once again reiterated her shock at the news, calling for God to forgive the perpetrator of the rumour.

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