11 Ways You Can Easily Tell A Girl Is Single From A Distance Before Approaching Her

Girls are good at shielding their relationship status. Even if they are single, they put up a front to show they are not.

Unfortunately their body language always gives them away. If you’re interested in a girl, then make your move this valentine after making these observations.

1. She Over-Dresses On A Normal Day.

When a girl is dating and really loves her guy, she doesn’t care much about what other men think when she steps out and so if you see her just going to buy Waakye by the roadside and she dresses as if she’s off to a party, the probability she’s single is very high.

akua donkor

2. She Spies Men A Lot.

When she’s in a relationship, she hardly bothers to check out other men but when she’s single, she most often keeps scanning through the men around and pretends she’s shy and quickly looks down when she hits an eye contact. If you see her this way, then that’s the green light.

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3. She’s Always In The Company Of Her Female Friends.

If you see her around all the time with her female friends and she’s not a lesbian then that should tell you she’s probably single. Women who are single always form a clique to help them bond so they don’t miss the opposite sex but it doesn’t mean they don’t need a man. They are just filling in the gap.

Black women friends

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4. She’s Got An Eye On A Lot Of People.

When she is engaged, what other people do hardly catches her attention and she doesn’t care about things around her but when she’s single, the little thing someone does especially from the opposite sex catches her attention and the way she relates to other people also gives her away.

5. She’s Not Obsessed With Her Phone.

When she’s in a relationship, the man in her life will grab her attention so at the slightest minute, she’s checking her phone to see if he’s sent her a message and if he has, she’ll engage him in a long chat, forgetting about everyone around her. However, when she’s single, the only time you see her grabbing her phone is when she wants to make a call or go on Facebook and even when she goes into her IM app, she doesn’t stay there for long.

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6. No Excuses When You Engage Her.

If you muster courage to talk to her and she doesn’t make any excuse to leave the conversation, it is a sign and clear indication that there’s a lot of room for you.


7. She’s Not Eager To Leave.

When you talking to her and she feels relaxed and not in a hurry to leave, then it clearly tells you she’s single and wouldn’t mind hooking up.



8. She Doesn’t Look Around When Talking To You.

If you strike a conversation with her and she doesn’t keep checking if someone is looking at her, then she’s single. This is because when girls are in a relationship, they know their men are jealous and so they wouldn’t want to be seen with other guys to give the wrong impression so they keep checking around to be sure there’s no one around, but if you’re talking to her and she feels safe and doesn’t care whether someone sees her or not, then you should know she’s single.

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9. She Smiles Back At You.

If you smile at her and she also smiles back in a hostile environment, then you should know she’s single. Girls who are in a relationship wouldn’t want to encourage anything that will lead to something else so once she realizes you’re trying to make advances, she’ll shut you down.

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10. She’s Not Always On Phone While Talking To You.

If you talking to her and in 15 minutes she’s not made any attempt to pull out her phone to text, check the internet or even take selfies, then she’s single. Girls who are in a relationship are always expecting their men to text them and so they keep checking their phone and hoping they will receive a call from their man.

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11. She Ignores Some Calls When Talking To You.

If she’s in your company and her phone rings, she whips it out, looks at the screen and drops it back into her purse and tells you to continue talking, then you should know she’s single and she finds you attractive.

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