15 Signs You Have Feelings For That Guy But You Probably Don’t Know

At the mention of having feelings for someone and not knowing it, we are sure many women will be like, “how’s that possible?”

The truth is that this scenario is very common but the women do not realize it because they convince themselves that the guys are just friends or more like brothers.

Just in case you’re in such a situation and want to be sure if you’re in love, here are 15 ways to decipher.

1. There’s A Rush Of Jealousy When They Spend More Time With Someone Else.

He’s not your boyfriend but when another girl is gaining all his attention, you feel like slapping him in the face and you sometimes argue over it all day to the extent he himself cannot fathom why.

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2. You Unconsciously Visit His Facebook Page All The Time.

It feels like you only log on to Facebook to check his page and afterwards everything on Facebook is boring. If you’re reading this and facing such a dilemma, then we want you to know, you’re in love with him so let him know before it’s too late.

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3. His Opinion Is Final.

You want an opinion on something and everybody keeps giving you their opinion but it all seems incomplete and it feels like something is missing but the moment he steps in to give his opinion, you quickly jump to it. Sister, do you want us to bath you with kerosene before you realise you’re in love?

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4. You Have A Special Pet Name For Him

You’ve created a special pet name for him that is only known to you two and no one else.


5. You Know Him Inside Out.

You practically know everything about him, in fact, all the details about his lifestyle, the way he eats, his favourite food, the smallest things that can easily get him angry etc. You can practically close your eyes and tell his next move. If all these are happening, then you should know by now that you’re in love.

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6. You Imitate Him.

You may not realise it but if your friends hint that you’re beginning to sound like him or laugh like him or react in certain ways like him, it is a clear indication you need to let him know you love him.

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7. He Also Knows You Inside Out.

If he knows you and can read you just like you can, then you should know he is the one.


8. You Love To Tease Him.

If teasing him is so comfortable that at the least chance, you want to tease him and it feels good doing it, then it is a sign you’re in love with him.

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9. You Fidget A Lot When Talking To Him.

If you’ve realised that when talking to him, you’re always holding onto something such as a matchstick, your dress, etc., then you should know he strikes a cord.


10. You Pay Attention To What You Wear When He’s Around.

Whenever he’s around, you have issues selecting the best attire to wear. You practically have to bring down the content of your whole wardrobe to find the perfect dress. If this is your case, then my dear you should know he’s not just a friend.

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11. You Feel Nervous At The Sound Of His Name.

If he’s not around and you hear someone call out his name and you get butterflies, then you don’t need us to tell you to act fast.

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12. You Get Angry When Someone Speaks Ill Of Them.

When someone says something bad about him and you get to hear, you feel like strangling that person.

13. You Answer His Texts Within A Twinkle Of An Eye.

If you answer his texts with the speed of flash, then you should know you’re in love.

14. Everything Reminds You Of Him.

You’re in a trotro, the radio starts playing a song and it reminds you of him, you see this guy crossing the street and he kind of walks like him so it reminds you of him, you hear someone laugh and it reminds you of him, madam, do you need us to douche you with hot water before you know you’re in love?

15. He’s The First Person On Your Mind.

You wake up in the morning, he’s the first person on your mind. You’re brushing your teeth, you look in the mirror and something he did the previous day makes you stop mid-way and laugh. If you still wait till this Valentine is over, you will die a single lady because his love is deeply rooted in your heart.

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