9 Popular Companies Who Deal In Other Products You Probably Don’t Know

At the mention of Guinness, we are sure what comes to mind is alcoholic beverage.

This impression also pertains to other companies who over the years, have been identified with a particular product even though they produce other products as well.

Here are 9 of such companies.

1. Kellogg’s

The moment you see this, the first product that comes to mind will be Kellogg’s Corn Flakes because we all know they basically deal in food products. However, what if we told you they also deal in clothes? Yes! The Kellogg’s company does not only produce food, they also sell clothes and the brand is, “Kellogg’s Urban Wear”.


Photo: Pinterest

2. Wrigley’s

When you see this name anywhere, one thing that quickly comes to mind is chewing gum because we all know they are solely into gums but what you might not know is that they do more than just gums. We also have Wrigley’s Baking Powder. In fact, the company actually started by producing soaps before going into baking powder and the gum was just an incentive for customers who buy the baking powder but it got to a point customers were more interested in the gum than the baking powder and demand became so much they ventured into it.


Image: Makeameme

3. Evian

If you’ve been to the mall and other supermarkets, you’ve probably come across the Evian bottle water. It’s very common on our streets so when the name pops up, you don’t expect to see or hear any other product than bottle water. It’ll, however, surprise you to know that they are also into the lingerie business where they produce water proof bras and panties.



4. Cosmopolitan

If you’re one person who loves using the internet which we know you do, then we are sure you might have come across Cosmopolitan and the fact that they are into fashion and relationship magazines. They also run a website that advises on relationships but what you might not know is that, they are also into the production of yoghurts known as Cosmopolitan Yoghurts.


Photo: MightyTen

5. Colgate

Once we hear Colgate, the only product that comes to mind is toothpaste but will you believe us if we tell you they do more than just that? Colgate once ventured into kitchen entrees but unfortunately, they didn’t stay on the market for long because probably customers imagined the food will taste like toothpaste.

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colgate food

Photo: HuffingtonPost

6. BIC

We all know BIC is associated with pens, shaving sticks and lighters but it will surprise you to know they also manufacture disposable underwear’s known as BIC underwear.

BIC underwear

Photo: Pinterest

7. Nike

Nike always come off as a sports gear company who are known for the production of sneakers, jerseys, vests etc. for sportsmen but they do more than just that, they are also into the manufacturing of perfumes and deodorants.

nike perfume

Photo: SnapDeal

8. Pepsi

Who would have imagined Pepsi will venture into any other product apart from Soda but it will surprise you to know we also have Pepsi Phones. In 2015 they released the Pepsi P1 and that was not a new Pepsi flavour in case you heard it and thought so, it was actually a mobile phone from Pepsi.

pepsi phone

Photo: PocketNow

9. CAT (Caterpillar)

This company over the years has been known for the manufacture of construction or earth moving equipment’s. We even refer to any construction equipment as Caterpillar. However, do you know CAT produces phones too? Yes! CAT phones are in town and they run the Android OS.

cat phones

Photo: TooGuyd

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