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Japan’s government to merge new technologies and education

Kentaro Sonoura, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Japan, said here on Sunday at the World Government Summit 2017 the role of governments is to integrate new technological trends like artificial intelligence (AI), robotics or the internet of things (IoT) into the national education system.

Delivering a speech at the 5th edition of the forum, Sonoura said Japan quickly recovered from it defeat in the World War II, “because the Japanese governments until today have removed social barriers for achieving academic excellence.”

The Japanese education system was based on the values of the old Samurai warriors and Confucianism, which according to Sonoura are “courage, justice, respect for propriety, loyalty, diversity, endurance, family and friends.” These values are “deeply rooted in the Japanese society which also gives equal rights to women to achieve within the society.”

Because of this, his country was today at the forefront in research and development and production of the phenomena which are summarized in the term “fourth industrial revolution,” namely AI, autonomous driving or IoT.

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He invited the summit’s host country United Arab Emirates to cooperate with Japan on new technologies and inclusive education. Enditem

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