7 Reasons Why Kenyan Men Hate Valentine’s Day With A Passion

By traversing through social media in the days leading to February 14th, you will see all kinds of memes and jokes on how to avoid Valentine’s Day. But why is this so? Isn’t valentine’s supposed to be a day of love? Isn’t it supposed to be a day for both men and women to celebrate? Well, it is supposed to be that way. But just like most things in life, a lot of things aren’t what they are supposed to be.

Here are reasons Kenyan men hate Valentine’s Day:

1. ‘Inaumiza mfuko.’

Valentine’s Day literally hurts the pockets of Kenyan men. This is a day when most women are beaming with expectations and if you don’t spend, you disappoint. The thing is, it’s not just spending. it’s spending a lot. I know a couple of guys who would rather use that money to bet on football.

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2. It creates a dilemma.

I am going to be honest. A good number of Kenyan men are seeing more than one woman. When Valentine’s Day comes around, a dilemma thus presents itself. Men don’t know whether to treat their clande or main lover.  If you ignore one, she is definitely going to catch feelings.

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3. It’s a huge hassle.

Gift shops have jacked up their prices, restaurants are at capacity, and most Kenyan men cannot stand writing mushy text messages. Why all the stress just to make a single day perfect?

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4.  Maybe it’s just because we don’t always agree with our women.

Kenyan men have a tendency to disagree with what Kenyan women like. We always tend to think we know better about all issues of life whether it’s work, family or social life. Bump into a group of men discussing women and you will see. The fact that women love valentine’s Day makes us see it as even more unnecessary.

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5. Valentine’s Day expectations can get awkward.

This is one day out of the year that could actually cause a civil war with your woman— particularly in new relationships — if your Valentine’s Day expectations aren’t exactly on the same page. It’s hard to please a Kenyan woman, Maybe she is dying for a night out on the town, while you are there taking her to Java. As a result, she won’t stop sulking. All this despite the fact the fact that you’ve spent some good money.


6. We fear not getting back the value of our spending.

Kenyan men have seen enough unreciprocated favors. Ask the guys who are always buying women drinks and end up going home alone. Who wants to spend crisp notes on a woman then get a “What do you think you are doing?” Retort when you try to initiate some cuddling?

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7.  Sometimes we just hate it because most of us don’t have true love anyway.

It’s kinda like when Christmas reaches and you don’t have a loving family. It all becomes a big reminder of how much your life sucks. Same applies to Valentines.