Today Is World Condom Day And Here Are 11 Fun Facts About The Rubber You Need To Know

We’re always talking about why you should use condoms and how you should use them and what happens when they break.

So, let’s take things in a little bit of a lighter direction. Condoms have been around for a long time, which means there are tons of interesting facts about them. And since I think we should all know everything there is to know about this method of birth control, I’ve put together some crazy and interesting facts about condoms.

Check them out:

1. An average condom can hold about one liter of water without breaking.

If you do a little experiment and put a liter water inside a fully stretched-out condom, you’ll realize that it will work better than a huge jug or a canteen of water – and it won’t leak at all. Quite impressive.

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2. Most condoms are too big for Indian men.

Unfortunately for the men of India, they tend to fall on the lower end of the spectrum. In 2006, a study on penis size done by the Indian Council of Medical Research made headlines when it was discovered that approximately 60 percent of surveyed Indian men had penises several centimeters shorter than the standard used in producing condoms. This disparity led to a high rate of failure, with condoms tearing or falling off about 20 percent of the time, a serious issue given the prevalence of AIDS.

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3. There are four different kinds of condoms.

Most condoms are made out of latex, but there’s non-latex for anyone with an allergy, and those are usually made of polyurethane. Some are even made of polyisoprene if you’re unlucky enough to be allergic to both latex and polyurethane. Then there are lambskin condoms, which are actually made from lamb intestines, not skin. Finally, you can always pick up female condoms, which function drastically differently but are still designed to protect against pregnancy and STIs.


4. There were other weird forms of condoms back in the day.

Prior to the 15th century, men in China placed bits of oiled silk paper over their glans only, and men in Japan used tortoise-shell “caps.” Ah, how Japanese condom technology has improved. Ancient Egyptians were allegedly using condoms that were made from animal bladders or intestines. Gross.

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5. The German military was the first large-scale institution to promote condom use among its members.

This was in the late 19th century. Soon after in the 20th century, the American armed forces followed suit. As a result of this action, the rate of STIs was significantly reduced.

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6. Many people don’t know how to use condoms.

Proper condom use may seem like a no-brainer, but there are actually a lot of people out there that are really unsure or confused as to how to properly use a condom. The phrase “can you re-use a condom” produces more than 130,000 results on Google daily. In fact, the number one reason for contraceptive failure is user error.

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7. The number on reason why young people don’t use condoms isn’t because of pleasure.

According to studies, the top reasons why young people are uncomfortable with the idea of condoms is that they immediately associate condoms with the act of purchasing them in a store. The last thing they want to do is run into Pastor Mark or a relative while buying a 12-pack of Durex.

8. Women account for almost half of condom sales.

Even though they are worn by men, women account for at least 40 percent of condom sales. Which is good, because you should pretty much always have them on hand.

9. Sweden used to have a “Condom Ambulance.”

There was once a time in Sweden when you could call the “condom ambulance.” That’s right. If you were in a situation in which you needed a condom right away but didn’t have one available, you could just call up the ambulance and have a “professional” get your contraceptive to you right away.

10. Condoms are factory-tested with electricity.

Before a condom leaves the factory, an electric current is shot through it to ensure that there are no holes or tears in it. This, of course, is a safety precaution and ensures the quality of the condom. This is supposed to save you the trouble of having to inspect the condom before putting it on. After all, pausing to make sure the condom is in top condition will most likely be a mood killer, so once you find a condom brand you can trust, it’s best to stick with it.

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11. China holds the world record for creating the largest condom.

During the celebration of the World population Day in 2003, China made an 80 meter x 100 meter condom and placed it on top of a hotel located in Guilin, China.