8 Very Simple But Romantic Ways To Tell Bae ‘I Love You’ This Valentine’s Day

This is how you do it like the real boss or bosschick that you are.

Go get your points with these romantic but simple ways to express your love this valentine’s day.

 1. Text bae ‘I love you’ at midnight. They’ll wake up with a smile on their face.

Image Michael Poehlman/Corbis

2. Make dinner plans. Let the chef write ‘I love you’ with their favourite dessert.

Couple having dinner. Image credit

3. Sent bae an ‘I love you’ pendant.

Adanna and David Jewellery

Images by Stilnest/Instagram

4. Send flowers with an ‘I love you’ note. People love to show off at the workplace especially ladies.


5. Send a cake. Let the frosting do the talking.

6. Plan for a breakfast in bed. Write it on the toast.

7. Write it on a mug for him/her. Cheesy but still counts.

8. Propose, say it, put a ring on it. That’s the ultimate, right?

Now see 18 romantic quotes you can use for bae this Valentine that will make her love you more.

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