7 Photos That Will Make You Wish Margaret Kenyatta Was Your Valentine

Today is lovers day; a day dreaded by all the single people out there and loved by those in love.

I don’t even get the concept of Valentines Day; aren’t you supposed to show and prove to the one you love that you care about them all year long? But that’s a rant for another day.

On this Valentines, we are totally crushing on the First Lady- Margaret Kenyatta. We just love how she carries herself with so much grace, class, and absolute humility.

Here are photos that will make you wish she was your Valentine:

1. She really works that kaftan and turban look.

2. Even better in this Masai-inspired outfit.

3. Her smile is everything.

4. She loves to accessorize the Kenyan way because? Why not!

5. We love this red outfit on her!

6. Happy girls are the prettiest.

7. Still in doubt?
margaret kenyatta

What a stunner! Do you have a valentines date today? If you still haven’t bought her a gift, here are ways to spoil her this Valentines.

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