9 Advantages Of Marrying Your First Love

Let’s be honest marriage isn’t easy.

Many people only find the person who they are supposed to marry after they have been tossed through the ringer a few times. But you know what? It’s far much better to marry your first love. Not only is that person, logically, the first person you’ve dated, but they are also the first person you’ve had feelings for and they’ve seen you go through all the ups and downs that accompany life.

Here are reasons why it’s better to marry your first love:

1. Your first love is usually the deepest.

I love reading novels and one of my favorite authors is John Green. He was once asked in an interview why he enjoys writing teen fiction books and he said that you never feel or love as fiercely as you do when you are in your teenage years. I couldn’t agree more! Remember those high school letters? So why not keep that young love going into old age with that special someone?

2. You get to build a life together from an early stage.

Building a life together with bae can be one of the most romantic, and fun, things to do. Starting out at an early age together, without a lot of history and other issues getting in the way, can make your life together even better. You two are the beginning, middle, and the end together without any crazy interruptions, and that can be magical. Maybe you can save together, start a business or even build a nice home when you are still young.

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3. They’ve seen you advance through life’s stages.

When it comes to a long-term relationship, one of the things that should be inherent is the overall support that you feel in regards to your partner. The longer you are able to stay with your first love and turn that love into marriage, the more life events you will have gone through with your partner. That is confidence that you just cannot shake and can be incredible in helping motivate you to take leaps of faith as you go forward with your future.

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4. You’ll have learned to understand and accept each other’s flaws.

Everyone has some flaws. Maybe you snore so loudly at night or have a temper. When you have been with one person for a long time, you know you have found someone who recognizes these flaws and is just fine living with them. They don’t mind your flaws, and maybe even find them cute and endearing. Isn’t it nice to have someone there to be with you through the good and the bad?

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5. You will have lots of amazing memories that make you value each other even more.

This is something that just has to go with the territory. The longer you are with your first love, the more shared memories you guys get to experience together. Similar to them seeing you develop through the stages of life, marrying your first love may mean that you end up recalling more times together than times when you were apart. That is something that is insanely cool.

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6. Your anniversaries seem way more awesome.

If you hooked up when you were 17 for example and you’re now 30, you’ve already been together for 13 years! Do you know what that means? You’ve officially been together longer than you’ve been apart, and you haven’t even hit anywhere close to your 50th birthday!

7. You will not have crazy exes.

At least you need to hope not! If you have fallen for and married your first partner and they did the same for you then this removes the chances of having a crazy ex come back into your life to mess up your day! It can be really comforting to know that your partner’s entire dating history is yourself. This may not be realistic, especially if you are searching for your first love at an older age, but that doesn’t mean you stop appreciating not having crazy exes as you get older.

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8. There is no baggage from past relationships.

Some people have issues from past relationships that they bring to their current one and, while it is not always intentional, it can be damaging. Does your partner have really bad trust issues? Well, maybe they’ve been cheated on by all of their partners. If you and your partner are each other’s first love, you should hope that part of what makes that love is the trust that you’ve built. It’s nice to know you could not live without your partner, but it can be even nicer to know that you’ll never have to.

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9. People think it’s adorable.

When people find out you’ve been together since high school or campus, they will think it’s so cute & that’s always nice. You will be setting standards for everyone else on how relationships should be run.

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To those that are still with their first love. Keep it tight. You might also want to read about these most evil responses to the words ‘I love you.’

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