16 Things Only People Who Attended Kenyatta University Can Relate To

It has produced some of the brightest minds in the country, including me of course. Haha. Anyway, if you went to KU, you can definitely relate to the things below.

1. That hectic first day of registration as a fresha.

2. Despite how big the library is, it always took you forever to get a place to seat.

3. When you missed out on hostel room allocations from time to time and had to ‘buy a room’ or get outside accommodation.

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4. The stress of missing marks and following lecturers around.

5. Traveling long distances from hostels or main gate to lecture halls.

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6. Crowded lecture halls especially if you did Economics or B.Com.


7. Those awesome moments when you would go to KM market for lunch.

8. It seemed like the lecturer always decided to bring an impromptu CAT on that same day you decided to skip class.

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9. Implementing ‘formations’ with your friends in the lecture room during CAT times in order to facilitate copying.

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10. That omena smell at the corridors of hostels during lunch times.


11. The semester was always too short.


12. The secretaries at the administration block just couldn’t serve you without showing some attitude.

13. Everyone ended up having similar answers in assignments because everyone copied from the few brightest guys.

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14. Living in Kahawa Sukari or Kahawa Wendani made you look cool.

kahawa wendani


15. Rushing to buy handouts of specific units when exams were fast approaching.

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16. And you definitely wouldn’t get a table or room to study in when exams were fast approaching. Every place was full.

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