Female Student Dealing In Drugs Arrested With 18 Million Shillings In Mombasa

The government is taking the war on drugs really seriously.

Yesterday, police arrested five drug trafficking suspects in Mombasa and recovered 17 kilograms of heroin worth Kes.170 million. The five included a female law student, who was arrested with Kes.18 million in cash.

A Mombasa court ordered the five suspects to be detained for five days as police investigate drug allegations against them. Mr. Swaleh Yusuf, Ms. Asma Abdalla, Mr. Rashid Athman, Mr.Athman Salim and Ms. Farida Omar are now awaiting further prosecution.

According to Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa, the female student who was identified as Wendy is said to be the girlfriend of one of the two Seychelles citizens who were arrested and deported over the weekend.

Mr. Marwa said:

Two of the suspects were arrested with two kilogrammes of the heroin while the others were seized with 15 kilos of the drug which was being hidden at a house in Bamburi for local distribution.

Apparently, the two suspects had been on the Interpol wanted list since 2015 and had trafficked drugs in their country to the tune of over 1 billion shillings. They were busted at an apartment in Mombasa’s Nyali area on Friday night.

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Here are some photos of the bust up.


Image: nairobiwire



Image: nairobiwire