‘Cheating And Divorce’ Forms Part Of Marriage – Counselor Lutterodt

Controversial Counsellor, George Lutterodt has stated that ‘cheating and divorce’ are inevitable elements that come along with marriage as a whole package.

According to him, an individual must know cheating and divorce cannot be taken out from the lifetime bond.

He likened that to purchasing a banana and refusing to pay for the peel.

“You cannot buy banana without its peel. There are some bananas that look so nice and unpeeling it will only reveal its true form. Likewise marriage…” he told 3FM.

The self-styled marriage counsellor, however, disclosed that marriage can never hold when a woman is below 28 years of age.

Similarly, a man who is less than 30 years can’t remain faithful when he is married because he doesn’t have the capable mindset to do so.

“A woman must marry after 28. You are not serious to marry below. You need to build a single life. You need to build a standard for yourself. After you build your single life, you can marry to satisfy a man…,” he explained.

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“A man who marries below 30 can’t stay in marriage. A man must be 30 and above before he can stay in marriage otherwise, he will be looking somewhere else to be spoon-fed…” he said.

On the contrary, renowned Ghanaian marriage counsellor, Mr. Kwame Adumatta said he disagrees with Rev. Lutterodt’s views because when a matured individual believes he possesses the wisdom, mannerism, teachings and understandings of what constitutes marriage, he is good to go.

“You can add age to it but if I am not 28 and I have the wisdom, mannerism, teachings and understandings of what constitutes marriage, then again I will not buy the ‘age’ subject…” he maintained.

Source: adomonline

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