10 Of The Worst Secret Valentine Gifts People Have Received

You know how people exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day either at work or at the office with colleagues and buddies, yeah, that secret Valentine thingy.

What’s the worst secret Val’s gift you’ve gotten? Tell us!

Posted by OMGVoice Nigeria on Friday, February 10, 2017

And we got quite the responses.

1. Cards

Someone even said she got only the white piece of paper that tells you what is written in the Valentine card but never the card itself.

Image- Instagram/notjustpulp

2. Chocolate

Only chocolates do not ever do the trick


Image: Pinterest

3. Plastic Rose

We’re sorry that you couldn’t even get the original ones.

potted rose flowers

Image: ProPlants

4. Stationery

Better to have something you can use for long than something you eat and ce finit.

Image: APenchantforPaper

5. Singlet and Boxers

BYC Singlets have suffered.

Image: VK Enterprises

6. Biscuit

On Valentine’s Day, biscuit? Chai.

7. Handkerchief

As per what? To wipe the tears maybe.

Image: Griffins Guide

8. Love Letter

You’ll think this is lit but it’s actually not if it’s coming alone

Image: Pinterest

9. Condom

Thanks but no thanks.

condom in wallet

Image: Pinterest

10. Absolutely nothing

The worst.

Image: Giphy

Is your own story worse? Tell us what it is in the comment section!

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