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Valentine’s Day Is Here, Avoid Casual S*x

A good spouse will stretch you to be better [Proverbs 27:17], not the one that says if he/she can’t accept me the way I am then “you can go”. No right thinking person, unless he/she is just after s*x, will accept you the way you are and you too shouldn’t accept a lover the way he/she is.

We all should continuously improve and get better by the day, in order to sustain true love.
National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) has encouraged Nigerians to avoid engaging in risky behavior, especially during this Valentine’s Day celebrations. The agency says this season is to share and show love responsibly.

“As we celebrate love, we should remember that safe s*x is not just about protecting ourselves, but also protecting those we love. 

“This is a special day for love. In the process of loving, love carefully, play safe and be faithful to your partner. 

“If you’re young and not married, abstain from s*x. Above all, you should know your HIV status.”