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This Man Caused Valentine’s Day To Be Banned In Pakistan By Court With An Interesting Reason

It’s been hours into Valentine’s Day and the skies are well flavoured with the fragrance of love everywhere BUT certainly not in Pakistan.

This special day for love celebration is rooted in an ancient Roman festival which has been passed as folklore to every generation with its true meaning being misconstrued in each time.

The day which started on the religious myth of an agape love has rapidly metamorphosed into a romantic love affair, where couple share or show their love in open space, even with those who are not married.

Abdul Waheed by his Muslim virtues can not stand the sight of this in Pakistan. He took his plight to the court and he has won the case for the celebrations to banned in Pakistan.

Explaining to BBC his rationale against Velentine’s Day celebration, Waheed says inasmuch as he is very romantic, Islam teaches one to be loving and harmonious BUT not to be like an animal going about sharing balloons, flowers and hanging out with girls.

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“Islam teaches us to be loving and harmonious. But we aren’t allowed to be shameless, we can’t go around giving out flowers to random girls, mixed gatherings – dancing with girls. Acting like animals is forbidden” he told the BBC.

However this is not the first time Pakistan is attempting a National ban on Valentine’s Day but love keeps winning anytime as others were seen buying love-designed paraphernalia for the day.

Another woman told the BBC that, there is so much evil around everyday so just a day set aside to celebrate love is welcoming.

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