‘Monetizing Word Of God Is An Act Of Indiscipline’

The Head Pastor of Pentecostal Live Church International (PELCI), Apostle Charles Osei Soadwa, has stated that men of God who are milking their church members for profit in the name of God is unacceptable and an affront to Christianity.

Of late, there are more wolves in sheep’s cloth, masquerading to be real men of God, only to monetise their work, a development he described as an act of indiscipline in the eyes of God.

“If we claim to be serving God, then we have to seek God’s guidance and control ourselves. If pastors are to go by the word of God, these profiteering and other issues which are un-Christian will not happen in our society,” he said.

Apostle Soadwa bemoaned that these indisciplined acts have taken the Ghanaian society by storm, stressing anyone who fears the word of God will not be doing this kind of work, which is contrary to the bedrock of Christianity.

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He asked: “If you are a minister of God and you cannot control yourself, how can you call authorities who are going wayward in our society to order.”

He rebuked the Ghanaian society, which he described as money-conscious, as a result of which it is having telling effects on attitudinal lifestyles, and lamented that indiscipline is in Africa and the universal church.

The occasion was the induction of five Apostles and a Superintendent, who happened to be Mr. Soadwa.

The newly-inducted General Superintendent expressed the hope that God will address the canker through his own men, to rid the church of indiscipline.

Apostle Soadwa maintained that the church should be an epitome of discipline, and called for measures to address and eradicate indiscipline in the church, parliament, palace, and in families as a social unit.

From Richard Owusu-Akyaw, Kumasi

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