The Nokia 3310 Is Making A Comeback And People Are Excited

The Nokia 3310 which was one of the first coolest handsets to be made will be made available to the public once more. HMD Global, the Finnish company which was given exclusive rights to make phones with the name Nokia attached to them, is planning to relaunch the 3310 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona later this month.

The Nokia 3310 gained a strong reputation back in the day thanks to its incredible battery life and stout physical features. The battery used to last like forever.

The 3310 was the first phone to add features that we take for granted today — such as vibration, screensavers and the ability to compose text messages that go beyond the SMS character limit. The Nokia 3310 also came with the wildly popular game Snake II.

nokia 3310

Image: ebay

The phone also had an apparent invulnerability in the face of being dropped, crushed or thrown. They just don’t make them like that today.

Reports suggest the new phone will be sold at around $60 and that some new features will be added to it. Obviously, a lot of people looking for a simple or emergency phone with a long battery life will buy it.

I can’t wait to own one myself.

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