7 Signs You Had A Great Valentine’s Day

Some people had lots of fun but some were pretty much bored and dissatisfied. Which side do you lie? Here are signs you had a great Valentines Day.

1. You didn’t spend the whole of it at work.

If you had most of Valentine’s Day all to yourself and your bae, then you definitely had a fabulous one. Nothing ruins Valentines Day like having to work all day. Shouldn’t the day be made a holiday or something?



2. You were happy with what bae did for you.

No matter how big or small, you were happy with what your partner did for you. You appreciated the gifts or the treats whether they were expensive or just cheap but iconic.


3. You weren’t with bae due to an unavoidable circumstance but you still felt their love and promised each other to make it up.

Maybe you weren’t with bae but you still talked on phone and promised to create your own Valentine’s Day some other time. Maybe during the weekend. It shows that the two of you still cherish each other a lot.

long distance love

Image: Tumblr

4. You spent it with someone other than your lover but were still happy.

Maybe you spent it with your siblings, your parents or your friends. You realized how much those people meant to you. Either way, you felt the love. Isn’t that what Valentine’s is about? Feeling the love?

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5. You are really looking forward to the next one.

Maybe yours was so good that you are already counting days to February 14th 2018. It’s just like Christmas. When you have a good one, you will always look forward to the next.

Photo: Instagram/El.carna

6. You didn’t overspend.

It’s a no-brainer. If you spent beyond your limits, then your Valentine’s wasn’t great. Chances are that you don’t have true love either. Someone who loves you wouldn’t want you spending beyond your limits for them.

Image: Boombastis

7. You hooked up with a stranger but it was worth it.

You decided to do a blind date and it turned out to be the best day of your life. Awesome. May the two of you create something solid going forward.