Meet 7-Year-Old Damilola Who Participated In The Lagos Marathon

The Lagos City Marathon was held on Saturday 11th February.

Lagos City Marathon

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While you were at home probably devouring a mountain of food

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7-year-old Damilola was running with other adults in the Lagos marathon.

Damilola Lagos city Marathon

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She joined the race at 32km, which is at the end of Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge and made it to the finish line!

Lekki Ikoyi Bridge

Image: Instagram/Lekkiikoyibridge

Damilola ran for 10 kilometres, an amazing feat for someone who is only 7 years old. In her words:

I feel happy that I was able to run the 10km, it was not easy but it was worth trying. It feels good,” she said.

We’re sure she’s going to do great things when she’s older.

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