13 Things You Can Only Understand If Your Neighbor’s Kid Is Fond Of You

If you are a good person, chances are that your neighbor’s kid will really like you.

This can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. It’s mostly good though. Here are things you can only understand if your neighbor’s kid is so fond of you.

1. They constantly knock at your door even when you want some peace.

mejja peeping


2. You have to keep putting them in your budget because they will always ask “what have your brought me today?”

Black boy chewing gum

Image: DearDoctor

3. Their parents have to come get them from your house most of the time.


4. They always ask you a million questions about everything in life.

5. They try to get all the favors from you that they can’t get from their parents.


Image: Pinterest

6. Sometimes they come with their friends and your home becomes like a nursery.

Image: TheSheetNG

7. You are always proud of them when they do something good.


8. They keep telling you their parents secrets, even things that you’d rather not know.

kids watching shock

Images: pinterest

9. They cheer you up when you are down.


10. You feel bad when their parents punish them…but you have to keep off because they are not your kids after all.


11. It gets even better when you have your own kids too…since they will always have someone to play with.

Image: PhotoMimi

12. They know how to operate your TV even more than you do.


13. It sucks when you finally move out.

Image: WhiteFuseMedia

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