A Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend At The Rooftop Of KICC In The Most Romantic Way

A proposal is always a serious step in a relationship.

KICC proposal

Fortunately, proposal ideas never come in short supply. Most men tend to be at the peak of their creativity when proposing. On Valentine’s Day, another fella popped the question, right on top of KICC.

The gentleman by the name Mwasigwe Mwendwa wanted to create an unforgettable proposal to his girlfriend Elizabeth Mwangi so he chose KICC because the background looked so romantic.

But KICC was only the Plan B.

“My first thought was to ask the question on a billboard, a billboard probably at Thika superhighway where she would be able to see it all the time because she lives in Thika. But the prices were very high,”

So to KICC they went. The unsuspecting girlfriend was told they were going to attend a show by Mwendwa’s sister who is a singer in a band.

As the band played, Mwendwa, a network administrator went down on one knee and popped the question.

aww meme

Image: Quick meme

Of course, she said yes. The 21-year-old JKUAt student added:

“I am still in shock, I did not know that he was going to propose. He told me were coming for a show. But I am so happy. Ever since we started dating I knew he was the one. He has been my pillar, my rock and I knew definitely I would marry him.”

What’s even more interesting is that the couple met on Facebook, and after months of playing hard to get, Elizabeth decided to meet Mwendwa. Look where they are now.

kicc valentines day proposal

Watch the video below:

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