Wedding Bells: Yvonne Nelson Is Getting Married This Year

This is Yvonne Nelson.

One of Ghana’s most cherished actresses who has come under a lot of criticism for being single all this while at the age 31 years.

Yvonne Nelson/Instagram

This got under her skin some time ago and she furiously made it known that her fans can’t determine her life for her.

Speaking on BBC with Veronique Edwards. She stated she will getting married this year.

She however, did not state details of the wedding and her fiance but she made it clear it will be happening this year.

This is what the actress has to say when the host asked her when she will be getting married.

“This year. I’ll be getting married this year.”

For now, we don’t know who the man is but whoever he is, he must be damn lucky.

So, critics of Yvonne Nelson, you can chill now, she will marry this year and we also wait to see.