DEFNED Commends Nana Addo’s Free SHS Commencement

Defence Network for Democracy (DEFNED) wish to commend the new Government of Ghana under the leadership of H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo -Addo for having taken a decisive step in the early days of its administration to implement the free SHS Education Policy in September ,2017 which will greatly benefit the middle income household and the poor in the Ghanaian society with great emphasis on quality public education delivery in the Country.

DEFNED hereby state with unequivocal conviction that, the ambitious Free SHS Education Policy can be successfully implemented and sustainable for posterity only if the government takes a more realistic move in fighting corruption and profligate public spending which is now a canker in the political and social fabric of the Ghanaian Society.

Indeed , it is highly imperative that, the new government strongly prioritize the fight against corruption and profligate public spending in all sectors of the national development drive, making the fight against corruption a top priority agenda of the new government in order to guarantee the sustainability of any major policy objective of the government in the Country. Evidence of the Auditor General’s Reports over the years to date enormously attest to this real facts on corruption and profligate public spending in the Country.

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Moreover , DEFNED is strongly reminding the current government to reflect on the huge and serious challenges facing Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme as a case study , a strategic national health policy initiated by the John Agyekum Kuffour ‘s led government in the Country , and reconsider its quest to hastily implement the Free SHS Education Policy across the country without due diligence ,which has the propensity to adversely collapse Ghana’s educational system since the newly disclosed Free SHS Education Policy Initiative is a capital intensive programme ,that hugely requires sufficient and available resources and logistics to realize its successful implementation to the latter without any foreseeable financial bottlenecks at all.

Meanwhile, DEFNED is further reminding the government to strongly prioritize a Quality Free Education System in the Country and not merely a Free SHS Education Policy, but rather take steps to prioritize a Free Quality SHS Education Policy for Ghana which will greatly boost Ghana’s Educational System towards the sustainable development drive of the Country serving as a shining example to the African Continent and the World at large .This is because any attempt by successive governments to play politics with the Educational Sector of the Country has the tendency to collapse Ghana’s Educational System which has dire consequences on the future of this Country.

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In the light of the above , DEFNED is seriously calling on the current government to put in place more robust measures to secure the public purse by seriously fighting all forms of corrupt practices and profligate public spending in all sectors of national development, in order to guarantee the sustainability of all ambitious policies of the government for posterity.

This is because ,the government of the day has the constitutional obligation to the Ghanaian people under Article 35 (8) of the 1992 Constitution to take decisive steps in eradicating all forms of corrupt practices and abuse of power and incumbency in a free and democratic Country for all.

Source: DEFNED

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