8 Types Of Nigerians Who Are Always Enemies Of Progress

To be honest, everyone living in Nigeria is a super hero. We fight battles daily, and try as hard as possible to survive.

Some certain Nigerians who aren’t witches or wizards, have made it their life’s mission to be enemies of progress. They won’t just let anybody be great. Here are some of them.

1. Nigerian Mechanics

These ones are forever looking for a way to scam you without doing the work you asked them to do and making up imaginary faults.

Photo: Willliam Haun/

2. Nigerian tailors

These ones have mastered the art of making promises and never delivering. They’re the kings of excuses. If they promise to bring your cloth this week, don’t expect it until next month.

Photo: ThinkLessTravelMore


These ones are the worst. They won’t supply electricity for weeks, and still, have the audacity to bring a bill.

PHCN official on a pole

Image: NairaLand

4. Police

These ones hardly protect anybody. All they know is ‘anything for the boys?’

Nigerian police meme

Image: SocDaily

5. Politicians

Their hobby is ‘chopping’ our money any how. They’re not useful for anything.

Image: BellaNaija

6. Conductors

These love to pretend like they don’t have change and stress you over your own money.

Danfo bus conductor

Image: VenturesAfrica

7. Nigerian banks

You keep your money with them but they remove tiny tiny amounts for irrelevant charges. What is card maintenance fee?

Image- SEOwebanalyst

8. Petrol attendants

These ones are super annoying. They act like they’re doing you a favour and never sell the complete amount, or ask for silly things like ‘keg money’.

filling station nigeria

Image: Naij

Who is the worst? Meanwhile, you might want to see superpowers that are really necessary for survival in Nigeria.

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