I Bath With Pure Water Everyday….Nyanyaano Chief Nana Obeng Wiabo V, Laments

Nyanyaano Chief, Nana Dr. Obeng Wiabo V

Nyanyaano Chief, Nana Dr. Obeng Wiabo V

It has emerged that illegal activities of Borehole Water Operators and suppliers have threatened access to pipe water at Nyanyaano Kasoa and its surrounding areas.

These groups and individuals who keep digging anywhere and anyhow to create Borehole Water end up destroying water tubes, among other connections installed by the Ghana Water Company.

Checks have revealed that their aim is nothing but to block the free flow of pipe water such that residents can rely on their Borehole water while they make huge business out of it and sell at the expense of the communities.

It is in this direction that the Chief of Nyanyaano, Nana Dr. Obeng Wiabo V, have been compelled to use sachet water aka Pure Water for all domestic purposes including his bath.

It is believed that Nyanyaano in particular is the worst hit when it comes to this rather disturbing phenomenon.

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Since most of the people in the area are mostly fisher folks and salt miners, whose economic activities are heavily dependent on water, getting water to run their businesses have been a raw deal.

This development have led to many abandoned jobs and still counting the large number of jobless people.

This was exclusively revealed to TV7 Monitoring Agenda when the team caught up with the Nyanyaano Chief, Nana Dr. Obeng Wiabo V.

Speaking to popular and controversial political journalist, Daniel Benin, aka Ohim on TV7 flagship program Monitoring Agenda, the Nyanyaano Chief lamented that the Ghana Water Company was aware but have not been able to tackle the problem head-on.

“Lots of complaints have been lodged at the Ghana Water; they occasionally come around to deal with it and after some months we come back to square one; my brother they know the problem so why can’t they deal with it and over the past months I use pure water to bath,” worried Nana stated.

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He further revealed that until recently, Kasoa was just running on 6-inches diameter pipeline of pipe water supply, but people settled in the area and as the population grew by day, the Ghana Water was to expected to increase the supply but have refused to do that.

The chief sounded very convinced that some officials at Ghana Water and the Borehole operators have connived to engage in the practice just to make money.

“And with the little we even receive, is being tampered with by these borehole water operators who move from area to area to sell stored water to the people here. Ghana Water promised us additional volumes of distribution but that has not materialized.”

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