One Nation With One Destiny; Uniting Political Forces For Greater Achievement

Where is the development?
Yes! I am asking you, you, and you reading this!
Where can I find one to purchase for myself because I, Ghana, I’m getting torn apart.

Or it is just a figment of my imagination.
Definitely not!
I will no longer sit down stay silent; see sin saturate sanctuaries shadowing sight smoky eyes.

And continue to be an anguish nation.
The actions of the politicians have made my development burned into ashes.

Oh Ghana! You may find me weary, hopeless, boneless, boundless and homeless.

But I was not created this way.
Yes, in the beginning Odomankoma (God) created heaven and me.

I am the land full of gold, diamond and bauxite.
The land full of greener pastures and with a booming economy.

And Odomankoma made you citizens and caretakers of me.

That is the destiny you were bound with, as one nation.

But there is always a villain called politics.
Dividing your minds with its nifty tricks,
Twisting your view that no one can easily predict,
Sweeping you far away from your destiny with its broomsticks,

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Separating your homes for its own gains,
And making me, Ghana, suffer even when it rains.
Yes! I’m now weary, hopeless, boneless, boundless and homeless.

It is because you have traded national destiny for personal gains.

You have stuck yourselves in the web of their deceit and lies,

As sweet as honey, but poisonous as venom of cobra.

But Ghana can be healed, and as a nation, get back to my feet again.

This can be possible when you encompass yourselves with the truth.

Your political leaders’ should chain their ideas like a broom,

Even though it has over a hundred sticks,
When put together as one, no one can break it.
Even though your political parties have different causes,

But you should all come as one, unite yourselves,
And work towards the reason Odomankoma (God) made you caretakers of me.

Your peace should not sleep in your bosom,
Till NPP, NDC, PPP, PNC all have a uniting agenda,
And you have built me with togetherness.
But to be able to achieve all these,
“You have to be citizens;
Citizens not spectators, citizens not subjects;
Responsible citizens building communities of service,

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And a nation of character”
Wilson Woodrow, 28th USA President.
Written by:
Michael Twum Appiah Adjei
Level 400,
Business Department,
University of Education, Winneba,
PHONE NUMBER: +233540988880

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