Chief And Residents Chase Estate Developer Millennium City Over Broken Agreement

The people of Nyanyaano, a suburb of Kasoa, led by their Chief Nana Dr. Obeng Wiabo V, are on the heels of multi-million Esate Developers, Millennium City, for non fulfillment of an agreed deal as far back as 1998 in which the company took some huge acres of land and agreed in return to build a junior high school for the community.

The Chief and residents say after signing documents and agreements to that effect, after 19-years Millennium City has made business out of the free lands but till date have refused to build the community school for them.

Nana Dr. Obeng Wiabo V, has further hinted that, he will soon petition the Chief Justice to ensure that the matter gets the right ruling that it deserves.

According to the Nyanyaano Chief, documented agreements are available to back this claim and the investors at Millennium City were very much aware.

He revealed that the case has even been in court but there has been no adjudication of justice over the past 5-years or so.

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He was speaking to popular and controversial political journalist, Daniel Benin, aka Ohim on TV7 flagship program Monitoring Agenda.

“My predecessor was a bit illiterate but he was smart with the paper works so this is a very simple matter but the court keeps on protracting it; we have everything on paper.”

He appealed to other corporate bodies, governement agencies to help build SHS and JHS schools since the Nyanyaano palace under his leadership is always ready to release lands for projects.

“Currently, we only have a basic school up to Primary-6 and when the children complete the parents are forced to take them out of town to seek admissions in other schools but we believe when we get these schools, it would improve continuity and enhance stable minds of students,” Nana said.

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