9 Couple Traits Every Relationship Needs

For a relationship to work, both parties have to put in the work.

There are certain traits every couple needs to have in order to make a relationship marvelous. More often than not, the real couple traits you should have for your relationship aren’t the ones you keep seeing online or in movies.

Here is what you should be working towards in a relationship.

1. Being brutally honest with each other.

When bae is acting like a whiny little twit, you need to tell them. That’s what real couples do. It’s all about being honest with each other. But this shouldn’t be a one-way thing. When your partner calls you out, you need to see the mistakes too and reform.

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2. Unwavering and unconditional trust.

Trust is the fuel of a relationship at all. Without it, the engine will stop. You have to be able to trust your partner unconditionally, and they have to be able to trust you too. No checking phones and getting jealous all the time.

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3. Being yourselves without getting judged.

This means no pretending. In a good relationship, we should be allowed to be ourselves without getting judged. If there’s something you don’t like doing, so long as it doesn’t bring any negative effects, your partner should be able to accept that.

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4. Being concerned about each other’s safety.

Wherever bae goes, it’s important to make sure they’ll be safe. it’s your duty to make sure that no harm comes to your lover. Ever.

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5. Giving each other space.

Couples shouldn’t spend every second together like siamese twins. Depriving your partner off their personal space creates a toxic atmosphere in a relationship. Everyone needs “me time,” and if you can’t handle being away from your bae for whatever reason, your relationship will get boring and end up crumbling.

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6. Being able to argue over the stuff that actually matters—and make up.

A great couple doesn’t argue over unnecessary issues. The truth is, it is really healthy for couples to argue about things if they matter. This way, you let out things that bother you. You should be able to get through an argument about something you feel strongly about and still come out of it loving bae.

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7. Making sacrifices for each other.

Sacrifices and compromise are essential to a flourishing relationship. No two people live in a healthy relationship without giving something up that they like as long as it’s not something too serious. Don’t give up your job for example or something that might affect you badly for the rest of your life. Real couple goals involve being able to give up something you care about for the other person’s happiness.

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8. Always having meaningful conversations.

A great couple trait to infuse into your relationships is to be able to talk about meaningful stuff with each other. You have to connect with someone in such a way that you can have those deep conversations and come away feeling as though you’ve gained knowledge and insight.

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9. Seeing bae as your best friend in the world.

Of course, you might have another best friend out there. But with bae, their friendship is from a different persepctive.  You count on to be there at every wrong turn, to spend hours with doing nothing and to pick you up when you are down and hopeless.

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