ADRA Ghana Supports Deprived Communities

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) UK branch in partnership with ADRA Ghana has donated over 5,000 boxes of study materials to some deprived communities and schools in Ghana through its “gift boxes project”.

The annual project from the humanitarian wing of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA, was aimed at providing individual and community development to some deprived schools and pupils from kindergarten to primary three.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Sophie Gordon, volunteering project coordinator for ADRA UK noted that the team of 15 UK based volunteers saw the need to help the less privileged for this year’s “gift boxes project” aimed at putting smiles on the faces of kids and some deprived communities in Ghana.

“This project is one of our long standing ones, where we take over 5,000 gift boxes to countries that have very impoverished areas.
“We gather these boxes from people in UK full of study materials, clothes, toys and other things that could be used in school and at home to put smiles on the children we try to reach out to.

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“We contacted ADRA Ghana about the project for this year and they reached out to the communities and schools that needed help” she added.

Vivian Aputu, headmistress for Amanase Presby Kindergarten, primary A and B school in the Eastern Region, whose school pupils benefited from this project revealed how thankful she was for such a gesture, which would go a long way to help the kids in their early learning.

“This project from ADRA UK/Ghana has come at the right time…this school lacks a lot of such study materials for pupils.

“We all know the kindergartens and early primary schools are the formative years for kids, and with such materials it will go a long way to help them and make teaching and learning easy for the teachers as well.”

According to Bert Smith, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ADRA UK as an international relief agency they had always been involved in projects aimed at helping kids living in unfavourable conditions.

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“We came here for these volunteers to experience a little bit of what ADRA volunteerism is all about in distributing the gift boxes to all the schools.

“These volunteers would go back to UK very excited about what they have seen and the sense of mission and what they can do in their own communities.

Smith noted that aside the gift boxes project, which was on-going they had also added the refurbishment project that would see them complete a school project for one community.

On his apart, Dr. William Brown, Country Director ADRA Ghana said they have been working in partnership with various ADRA branches over the world to support communities and deprived areas to give some hope to the inhabitants.

“ADRA UK informed us that they would like to come to Ghana to help some children in some schools…so we took it upon ourselves to work with them and make sure the project was well executed.

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“Each gift box contains assorted items for school going children from the ages of three and 14 years.

“They will also refurbish a school building that will be put into a better condition for children to enjoy the best of school
activities and learning” he added.

ADRA, which operates in over 130 countries worldwide, is engaged in livelihood and agriculture, children, water and sanitation and hygiene, community health, disaster response, economic growth, hunger and nutrition, social justice and gender equity.

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