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HOT Gossip: Lesbianism, Smoking Like Bob Marley, N@ked Photos in the Air, Her Husband Has Left the Marriage, Cheating Allegations & Neglect of Her Children—The Hellish And Scandalous Marriage of Nasara of Ghana Most Beautiful Fame

In simple terms, the marriage between Nasara (full name Nasara Miriam Abdul Rauf) of Ghana Most Beautiful fame and Kittoe, a man who she once said on TV bought her Porsche Cayenne and fleet of cars has almost ended, a source has told GhanaGrio.Com.

Marriages come to an end all the time around us, but the alleged scandals hovering around Nasara’s marriage, which have caused her husband, a man she once boldly said on TV cannot leave her butt—is so much that, you wouldn’t even perhaps believe them all.

According to a source close to the Kittoe family, the marriage between Nasara and her husband-Mr. Kittoe has turned out to be a hellish affair, clearly shown on HD to their neighbours—the couple has become talk of the Trassaco area where they reside.

Apparently, Nasara has been cheating on her husband with a certain man, called “Prof Dele”—and the two have on numerous occasions been spotted out and about in town.

As to whether the husband knows about the affair, we are told—he seems to be damn aware as this has caused several fights between the couple, two of such fights having taken place in the open, at the A&C Mall somewhere last year.

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It’s disgraceful, more also pathetic for a married woman of two kids to be cheating on her husband, but from what GhanaGrio.Com is told, Nasara even posted photos of being in bed with this “Prof. Dele” guy on social media last year—which she later deleted after a fight with her husband over the posting.


Nasara and her twins
If you are looking for a modern day “MUMU”, then Nasara’s husband is all you need, our said source—perhaps, the reason why she once said her husband can NEVER leave her.

“Nasara leaves home anytime she wants for days and the husband is unable to say anything or do anything about it. Any attempt to even have a conversation about this turns into a fight,” the source stated.

“Look, she must have used some JUJU on that man. Because, how can a woman you are married to be sleeping outside for weeks, without a phone call or you knowing her where about,” the source asked rhetorically.

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Interestingly, Nasara is not only alleged to be a cheating wife, she’s said to be totally irresponsible and neglects her twins for weeks, gallivanting around Accra, or warming someone’s bed.


Nasara and her husband have become popular in their neighbourhood, all for the wrong reasons—with many wondering what sort of relationship the two are in, such that it’s always one fight after another.

And on top of it all, Nasara is said to have become a heavy smoker, something like the rebirth of Bob Nesta Marley—smoking with her house boy has become her hobby.

“She has become a total disgrace to womanhood, especially Muslim women and there are talks that some group of Muslim women intend to show her a lesson,” the source added.


It’s just not a matter of self-inviting marriage problems, the source confidently told us about certain n*ked photos of Nasara which she sent to the man she’s cheating with—which are in the air and will probably pop up somewhere on the internet soon.

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And Nasara is alleged to be swinging both ways too—“the husband even suspects that she’s a lesbian and this has come up in many of their fights,” the source who once lived with the family said without blinking.

For the past one week, GhanaGrio.Com has been trying to reach Nasara and her husband for comments, without any real success. We have a brief chat with Nasara who didn’t seem shocked about any of the above, except the n*ked photos in the air part.

And her husband has been out of reach.

From what we are told, the husband is totally fed up—and a man Nasara once said can never leave her, has had enough of her a$$ and it’s literally over.

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